Review Policy

Thank you so much for visiting my website!

As you may know…I love books and I am doing all I can to REVIEW, SHARE and PROMOTE your amazing books.

Here are just a few guidelines to clarify the dynamics of my website.

Review Requests – I will only accept physical copies or MOBI files. I will deal with book requests on a book by book basis. This means I require one email per book review request.

Current Staff – There is only me (Patricia) reviewing material. This means that the time frame for posting reviews is affected but I will always do my best to review all the material I receive, in the order received.

Review Content – I have a diverse reading list, but I do have my limits. I accept most genres except for HORROR, BDSM and EROTICA. All books are taken on a case by case basis.

Review Posting – I currently post reviews on my websites and Amazon US. I also share the reviews across my social media sites (Twitter, Facebook etc.). Please advise me if there are other places you want the review posted and where you don’t want the review posted if that is the case.

Review Rating

5 – This is a book that I would recommend to everyone. It is well crafted, a unique story, has believable characters, emotional content. This is a book that I couldn’t put down;

4 – Still a really good book, but missing something that makes be think everyone could like it;

3 – Workable title with more good points than bad. It just needed more emotion, character development, plot direction, etc. It will be a favorite for some, but it just isn’t for everyone;

2 – This book needs work in construct, plot and direction. Characters are flat, ideas are half-developed or not at all. I would not recommend it;

1 – This is a book that is presented in very rough form or without any compelling text to read. I didn’t finish the book.

Review Style – I am always completely honest when reviewing material. Please don’t submit a book for review unless you are willing to hear my TRUTH.

Anything Else – If you would include as much information for your book in the request email that would be greatly appreciate. A link to your website(s), social media links, a jpeg file of the book cover, a bio and jpeg author photo, and all purchase links would speed up the process no end.

Contact – You may contact me at

Finally have a great day or not. The choice is yours. I appreciate everyone and their love of books!!! READ, SHARE, COMMENT. REVIEW, SMILE and do everything you can to get people reading!!